is especially directed at B2B customers, whether with our label or their own ideas. You should also profit as a customer from the increased demand for AdamsBrot products. Convince yourself of the quality and the possibilities open to you by expanding your product range using our products and consequently generate new customers.

An overview of our products:

Bread baking mixtures: Adamsbrot light, Adamsbrot dark, bread rolls, 4-grain rolls, Chia Curcuma rolls, Adamsbrot gold, Adamsbrot il mare, Adamsbrot Sonnenwald
Pizza baking mixtures: Adams Pizza Adamo, Adams Pizza Avanti
Cake baking mixtures: Adams Cake - Pancakes – Waffles, Adams Cake Lemon Chia, Adams Cake - Base Cake Mixture, Adams Cake – Spice Cake
Pasta: Adams Pasta - Vegan, Adams Pasta - alla Eva
Baking ingredients: Baking protein, apple fibre, organic coconut flour, bamboo fibre, organic gold flax flour
Protein: 12 types of Flipster Whey Protein Premium

Adam's bread - light 2.0

Adam's Bread - dark 2.0

Adam's Bread - Gold

Adam's bread - il mare

Adam's Bread - Sonnenwald

Adams Bread - Buns

Adam's Buns Chia-Curcuma

Adams Buns 4-Grain

Adams Pizza - Avanti

Adams Pizza - Adamo

Adams Cake - basic cake mix

Adams Cake - Lemon Chia

Adams Cake - Spice Cake

Adams Cake Pancake - Waffles

Adams Basic - Apple Fibre

Adams Basic - Bamboo Fibre

Adams Basic - Gold Linseed Flour

Adams Basic - Organic coconut flour

Adams Basic - Baking Protein

Adams Pasta - alla Eva

Adams Pasta - Vegan

Flipster® - Whey Protein Premium from Pasture Milk 450 g

Our products are also available in gluten-free, yeast-free or vegan. All our baking mixtures are manufactured without soya, only with the best ingredients.

You can view more information, such as ingredients and nutritional values, on the website:

By the way:

Some customers purchase AdamsBrot because it seems to be helpful with their cancer treatment, customers with epilepsy purchase Adamsbrot because they say it leads to fewer fits.
Our AdamsBrot dark is the top-selling low carb bread in the Netherlands. In our experience, the ready-baked bread can be kept for 2 weeks in the refrigerator, it can be quite wonderfully frozen in slices. It tastes even better if you toast it before eating.
AdamsBrot dark and light has a shelf life as a baking mixture of 2 years from the date of production!
The other baking mixtures last for at least one year.

If you are interested, we will be happy to send free samples of AdamsBrot products.

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  • Cake Basis-Mischung Creme
  • Cake Basis-Mischung Haselnuss
  • Pizza Avanti

We would be happy to send you a sample packet free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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